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1 Competition Rule 10. Clubs with two teams playing in the same section must register as separate teams, and nominate fifteen players for each team, starring eleven in each team. The remainder may play for either team.
2 NEW Competition Rule 17. Registered players may only play "Flat Bat" Rounders in this and any other league associated with The Bolton Sports Federation.
3 NEW Competition Rule 33. Match Cards must be completed in Block Capitals and include the week number the game was originally scheduled to be played in.

Competition Rule 44. AMEND by replacing both occurrences of £25.00 in the third sentence with £30.00, to read:

44. All teams must nominate TWO referees, who must be 18 or over by the first day of the season, or will not be accepted into the League. Both referees must attend at least one appropriate referees’ meeting. Failure of any nominated referee to attend and register will result in a fine of £25.00 for the club, payable by the nominated referee at a specially convened meeting. All teams are required to provide a nominated referee when called upon. Those teams whose nominated referee or replacement fails to attend a match will be fined £30.00 for the first occurrence, increasing by £30.00 for each subsequent occurrence and their entry into the League will be at the discretion of the Committee. Teams must honour their refereeing fixtures sent to them by the Referees Secretary and only nominated referees may officiate at matches.


COMPETITION RULE 47:  AMEND by replacing £5.00 with £6.00, to read:

47. The match referee shall be paid £6.00 expenses by each team. The referee should be paid BEFORE commencement of the game. If no match is played, each team shall pay £3.00 travelling expenses. The full amount must be paid if the match is abandoned. Clubs failing to pay referee’s expenses will be fined £6. No fees may be paid to any referee under any circumstances.

6 The Handicap Cup to be named The Finestyle Windows & Doors Handicap Cup.

New Handicap Competition Rule 6: Any nominated referee may be asked to officiate in this Competition.

Where new rules have been added, all subsequent rules will be re-numbered

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