Bolton CC Winter Rounders League
Fixtures & Results
Two innings each of 33 good balls
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All Matches start at 1.00 pm

Week 1











EB Stars

Levers Mix


Hi Q Fabs




Week 2


Walkden 91(I)-86 WMB Mix
EB Stars 114(I)-107 Sacred
Hi Q Fabs 163-134 Smiths
Applejax 193-132 Levers Mix
Apollo   Open Date

Week 3



WMB Mix 130-188 EB Stars
Apollo 109-138 Walkden
Sacred 116-170 Hi Q Fabs
Smiths 117-141 Applejax
Levers Mix   Open Date

Week 4



Hi Q Fabs 150-159 WMB Mix
EB Stars 223-152 Apollo
Applejax 214-135 Sacred
Levers Mix 192-184 Smiths
Walkden   Open Date

Week 5



WMB Mix 141-195 Applejax
Apollo 115-155 Hi Q Fabs
Walkden 95-127 EB Stars
Sacred 162-143 Levers Mix
Smiths   Open Date

Week 6



Levers Mix 122-176 WMB Mix
Applejax 169-118 Apollo
Hi Q Fabs 127-188 Walkden
Smiths 150-189 Sacred
EB Stars   Open Date

Week 7



WMB Mix 188-126 Smiths
Apollo 134-163 Levers Mix
Walkden abandoned - zero points Applejax
EB Stars abandoned - zero points Hi Q Fabs
Sacred   Open Date

Week 8

9-Dec-2018  -  Postponed (waterlogged)


Sacred Ref = Adam WMB Mix
Smiths Ref = Ethel Apollo
Levers Mix Ref = Sylvia Walkden
Applejax Ref = TBA EB Stars
Hi Q Fabs   Open Date

Week 9



Apollo Ref = Sylvia Sacred
Walkden Ref = Ethel Smiths
EB Stars Ref = TBA Levers Mix
Hi Q Fabs Ref = Adam Applejax
WMB Mix   Open Date

Week 10



Apollo Ref = TBA WMB Mix
Walkden Ref = Sylvia Sacred
EB Stars Ref = Adam Smiths
Hi Q Fabs Ref = Ethel Levers Mix
Applejax   Open Date

Week 11



WMB Mix Ref = Ethel Walkden
Sacred Ref = Sylvia EB Stars
Smiths Ref = Sam Hi Q Fabs
Levers Mix Ref = TBA Applejax
Apollo   Open Date

Week 12



EB Stars Ref = TBA WMB Mix
Walkden Ref = Sylvia Apollo
Hi Q Fabs Ref = Ethel Sacred
Applejax Ref = Adam Smiths
Levers Mix   Open Date

Week 13



WMB Mix Ref = Ethel Hi Q Fabs
Apollo Ref = Sylvia EB Stars
Sacred Ref = Adam Applejax
Smiths Ref = TBA Levers Mix
Walkden   Open Date

Week 14



Applejax Ref = Sylvia WMB Mix
Hi Q Fabs Ref = Ethel Apollo
EB Stars Ref = TBA Walkden
Levers Mix Ref = Adam Sacred
Smiths   Open Date

Week 15



WMB Mix Ref = Ethel Levers Mix
Apollo Ref = Adam Applejax
Walkden Ref = TBA Hi Q Fabs
Sacred Ref = Sylvia Smiths
EB Stars   Open Date

Week 16



Smiths Ref = Ethel WMB Mix
Levers Mix Ref = Adam Apollo
Applejax Ref = Sylvia Walkden
Hi Q Fabs Ref = TBA EB Stars
Sacred   Open Date

Week 17


Rearranged games
WMB Mix Ref = Sylvia Sacred
Apollo Ref = Ethel Smiths
Walkden Ref = TBA Levers Mix
EB Stars Ref = Adam Applejax
Hi Q Fabs   Open Date

Week 18


Rearranged games
Sacred Ref = Adam Apollo
Smiths Ref = Ethel Walkden
Levers Mix Ref = Sylvia EB Stars
Applejax Ref = TBA Hi Q Fabs
WMB Mix   Open Date